What is Parisian Style?

There’s a reason why French fashion has dominated the world for centuries, dictating what’s in and what’s out. And a driving force behind that is the capital of the country and the capital of fashion, Paris. Parisian style is a confluence of elegance, simplicity, comfort, and function with an ever-so-subtle nod to one’s unique personality. 

It really comes down to creating a statement while still reigning it in. Parisian fashionistas know how to be effortless. 

So what makes Parisian style so distinctive? Here are some key elements:

Quality Over Quantity

Parisian women do spend a significant chunk of money on their wardrobe, but they invest in quality pieces that are versatile and last long. You can say they are avid believers that fashion cycles back. 

With existing quality pieces, they can create a fresh look. So their closets aren’t so big either, which makes sense given the average size of a Parisian apartment closet. 

So if you want to dress like those Parisian madames and mademoiselles, invest in quality pieces for all seasons, starting from basics like tees and jeans to more specific ones like a little black dress or a trench coat. 

Balancing Dressy with Casual

You won’t see many Parisian women dressed all fancy or all casual. Instead, they’ve mastered the art of balancing evening pieces with casual pieces. This creates a contrast of chic and elegant, which is exactly what Parisian style is all about. 

For instance, a well-tailored blazer over an airy, casual t-shirt and straight-leg jeans is tres Paris.

One Statement Piece 

Parisian style isn’t about being understated; it’s about making a statement without being loud. So going with mostly casual, simple choices with one outstanding item is a common theme. For instance, a beautiful silk scarf, an embellished necklace, or a fun hat can elevate any basic outfit on an evening out in the City of Love. 

Even for day looks, Parisian women tend to add a little something special. If not the outfit, they’ll do something with their accessories, like their bag. 

Neutral Tones Over Colors

Tapping into the versatility of neutral shades like beige, brown, gray, and cognac, the Parisian style seldom calls for mixing colors or even using bright colors. Again, Parisian women like to play it safe and don’t like to dress too colorfully. This way, they can mix and match almost anything to create both formal and casual looks. 

A Good Handbag

Parisian style takes accessories very seriously, but even more so, it calls for a high-quality, chic, yet practical handbag to go with every look. Don’t be surprised if you see Parisian women carrying sophisticated totes and shoulder bags on the streets because their bags are an extension of their style. 

With the handbags, too, the Parisian style follows similar rules. The bags are quality, practical but also have incredible design detailing. 

Gallantry bags have the quintessential Parisian flair that can bring out the city’s influence in your look, whether you’re Parisian or not. From large casual totes to mini handbags, every piece is made with attention to detail that makes the perfect partner for any Parisian-style outfit.

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