Why Handbags Are So Important to Enhance an Outfit

There’s a reason why many women choose to spend generously on handbags. Similarly, many retailers and brands make most of their revenue selling handbags. But most importantly, stylists and fashionistas agree that a bag can enhance the entire look of an outfit.

How? Well, here are five ways a handbag is so vital to enhancing your look:

It’s the most visible accessory

Your bag is the most prominent of all the accessories you can pair with an outfit. Sure, there are those trendy tiny bags and clutches, but even those easily stand out compared to jewelry. 

This accessory is easily the most noticeable whether you’re going with a big tote or a small shoulder bag. So it can easily be used to elevate your style and represent your personality, aside from complementing the outfit you’re wearing. 

It’s a sign of glamour and luxury

Handbags are the epitome of luxury. They are an investment because rarely do bags go out of style and, depending on the quality, can last for ages. Plus, bags can be super glamorous, too, with exquisite materials, tiny design details, and logo play. 

Even if you’re outfit is not expensive, adding a luxury bag can make it look expensive. Many stylish women choose to spend more on their bags than their clothes. One survey of 2000 women found that one in two women consider bags as their favorite purchase. 

It can be used to make a statement

A handbag can be a great way to make a bold style statement. Just the choice of your bag can say a lot about you, so it’s the perfect accessory to stand out from the crowd. It’s also a great way to make a statement for women who prefer dressing minimally or modestly. 

You’ll always see celebrities, even when dressed casually, carrying high-fashion bags because they can simply elevate even the most boring looks. 

It can be both functional and stylish

You’ll always see the Queen of England with her bag. If she needs a bag every time she steps out, you can guess how essential it is. Bags are perhaps the most functional things besides your clothes and shoes. You can do without jewelry, scarf, or makeup, but you need your bag to carry all your essentials. 

It’s also one of the few things in your look that can be both practical and stylish. 

It can add color and texture 

As bags come in a wide range of materials and colors, they can be used to add more design depth to your outfit, especially if it’s a simple one. For instance, a solid shirt and pants pairing can be styled with an embossed leather handbag. Similarly, a little black dress can be enhanced with a sparkly clutch in gold or chrome. 

Handbags are an essential part of your outfit and the most versatile. At Gallantry, we make contemporary, practical, and statement-making handbags that can amplify the style quotient in any look, whether casual or evening.

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